What is GRID?

Leave your suit at home, bring your heart and mind – GRID is an experience unlike any other.

Varje år bjuder GRID in spännande, inspirerande och passionerade talare från världens alla hörn. De möter 250 kreativa mediemänniskor, utvalda från Bonniers 160 bolag i 16 länder. Under två dagar nätverkar och inspireras deltagarna av talarna – och av varandra. Platsen är Alfred Nobels krutfabrik söder om Stockholm, en påminnelse om hur tidigare erfarenheter kan användas för att forma framtidens idéer.

För att få veta mer om GRID, och se alla tal, besök bonniergrid.com.

  • GRID14.
    Linda Liukas.

    Programmeringsevengelisten Linda Liukas charmade och utmanade publiken på GRID14.

  • Ideas.

    GRID is a place for sharing ideas and making connections. 

  • Stories.
    Bryan Stevenson.

    Människorättsadvokaten Bryan Stevensons rörde publiken till tårar med sin skakande berättelse om missförhållanden i det amerikanska rättssystemet.

  • Inspiration.

    Minds at work - creating the mobile products of the future at the GRID workshop.

  • GRID14.

    You never know who - or what - may show up to surprise you at GRID!

  • Networking.

    Connecting with new friends in Face-to-Face meetings.

Be Inspired.

Meet three extraordinary GRID speakers.

Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson. Doing the Uncomfortable.

GRID14. Civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson is a Harvard graduate who chose a different path: instead of joining the corporate world, he became a civil rights advocate. His calm demeanor belies the powerful and disturbing story he tells of racial injustice, mass incarceration and the death penalty in the U.S. You won't fail to be moved by his message, and his hope for change.


Highlights. GRID Moments.

GRID14. Want to see what GRID is all about? Check out GRID Moments 2014 and get a taste of the speakers, the networking and the storytelling, the fun and the challenges that make GRID a one-of-a-kind meeting. (And if you were there, take a moment to recapture the GRID spirit!) 

Isabelle Olsson

Isabelle Olsson. Make It Simple.

GRID14. As lead designer for Google Glass, Isabelle Olsson, her goal is for you to be able to live your life and still be connected without having the technology get in the way. While she may have rubbed some engineers the wrong way, and gotten rough with a camera with a belt sander, she has managed to make the technology serve the design - and vice versa.

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