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Presenting Media Map 2013.

Our annual digital trend report.

Andrea Mazey:

Our Children's News.

Reflections from the Bonnier Digital Forum.

R&D Blog.


Mindful Media.

Finding an antidote to digital distraction.

#TheConf 2013 – What to Watch.

Did you miss Media Evolution's The Conference this week? Don't worry, here's a quick guide.


Our Favorite Brands Get Creative.

Mobile Audio Rising.

Old Media in New Contexts.

The Birth of a Format:

How Netflix Reinvented Television in Just 13 Hours.

End to an Exciting Year.

Thoughts from Bonnier R&D.


Two years later, a new format becomes prolific.

December 20, 2012

Paying Without Thinking.

New seamless ways to pay.

Interactivity and Event-ification.

The Future of Scheduled Television.