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    Creative chaos is part of the fun.

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    Our first user testers? Ourselves!

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    How multimedia experiences begin.

Products and Prototypes.

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I Am Zlatan. An interactive biography app.

We created a new kind of reading experience for tablets of the famous soccer player's book with Albert Bonniers Förlag and Ibrahimovic himself.


Mag+. A vision for tablet magazines.

Back in 2009, before the iPad even existed, we created this prototype tablet magazine with the brilliant designers at BERG.

Teemo. Fitness fun with friends.

Teemo is our newest product—a social fitness game for the iPhone created with our friends at Ammunition.

From the blog.

Bonnier Digital Forum: The New News. 

Our Children's News

By Andrea Mazey

In the news-themed Digital Forum in September Bonnier R&D hosted a workshop called "The Big Questions," where we asked participants across multiple newspapers, news stations and news magazines to discuss eight of the biggest questions they are facing as deliverers of news in an ever-changing media climate.  


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