Bonnier Innovation Award Winners

Bonnier Innovation Award Winners Announced

Honoring the best in innovation within Bonnier, the Bonnier Innovation Awards went to seven initiatives from across the Bonnier world.

Chosen from among 22 finalists in three categories, the winners were announced at a full-day event at Artipelag outside Stockholm. 

The winners are:

Category: Enabling Efficienado

Digital Content Platform Analysis
The jury’s motivation: U.S. magazine maker Bonnier Corporation crunched three years’ worth of traffic data to come up with a dashboard to analyze the dollar value of every story. This one powerful indicator has meant a key shift in digital publishing strategies to focus on content that provides results over the long term. A very smart move by Bonnier Corporation!

Representatives: Mark Crone, Nate Matthews and Adrienne Tiley-Lerner

Category: Incremental Improver


Woo Manager 
The jury’s motivation: Combining the online video advertising offer from four of Sweden’s biggest media brands – TV4, Dagens Nyheter, Dagens industri and Expressen – Woo provides unique reach. And its self-service tool for advertisers is a tremendous time-saver – for both the customers and Woo. Key to our core business, your solution Woo is what we must be prepared to offer our customers if we are to succeed!

Representatives: Mikael Ekelöf, David Matsson and Kristina Roman Nordin



Turn the Churn/Prediction Drives Subscription
The jury’s motivation: Swedish news daily Dagens Nyheter’s pioneering approach to turning around digital subscriber churn uses AI and machine learning to identify pain points and quickly develop smart solutions that extend the business possibilities. Dagens Nyheter, your work on the front lines has been a shining example for companies throughout Bonnier!

Representatives: Max Berggren, Anton Paulsson and Sebastian Wiegandt


Customer Engagement Score
The jury’s motivation: When Slovenian business daily Finance realized its purely print subscription base was unsustainable, it built its own smart tool from scratch to track stickiness and get the right digital content to the right customer at the right time. The result: Finance’s subscription base is now 50% purely digital. And this brand new breakthrough tool is now being used throughout the B2B business area. Well done, Finance!

Representatives: Jure Gostiša, Peter Kuzma and Črt Jakhel

Category: Business Builder


Brand Studio 
The jury’s motivation: Founded in 2015, Bonnier News Brand Studio is an old-timer in the fast-paced brand agency world – and it has the chops to provide cutting-edge marketing solutions, from TV series to augmented reality productions, an offering that sits at the core of our business. Brand Studio, you’ve become a gold-standard for the entire industry!

Representatives: Anna Arvidsson, Nicklas Hermansson and Tomas Käll


The jury’s motivation: With its strong focus on customers and constant development of its product, BookBeat is a power to be reckoned with in the well-developed Swedish digital book subscription market. And it’s leading the way in the emerging markets of Finland and Germany. BookBeat, your clever use of our existing resources is a great way to extend our business!

Representatives: Annika Elovsson, Sofia Eriksson and Niclas Sandin


KIT Story Engine  
The jury’s motivation: KIT has taken its expertise in creating powerful videos for social media – explainers that the Swedish media refers to as KIT films – and turned it into a publishing tool for any brand to easily make its own KIT films. Groundbreaking and new for Bonnier, this unique and sought-after tool could put KIT Story Engine on the world map as a major software-as-a-service!


Representatives: Christoffer Larsson, Fredrik Strömberg and Roger Ström 


The winning teams each received EUR 10,000 to be used for a self-chosen skill-building activity, and each member of the winning teams also received a statuette.