Bonnier is a family-owned company over many generations, and long-term thinking characterizes our processing of personal data. Processing user data in accordance with current regulations and in a safe, efficient manner that adds value is crucial for our business.

Below you will find information about our view on data protection, and how you as an individual can safeguard your rights under the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR). Because Bonnier AB is a parent company in a decentralized group, where subsidiaries are personally responsible for their users’ data, we do not have all customer data collected centrally. On the other hand, some central data processing from our largest Swedish companies takes place. Read more about it in our Data Privacy Notice or in Questions & Answers. Through our Swedish web form you can manage personal data processed by Bonnier AB from Swedish subsidiary companies. For the data processed by our subsidiary companies, please contact them directlyHere you will find relevant contact information for our largest Swedish operations, which are also included in the central data processing.