2020 – An unusual year

2020 was a year unlike any other – a pandemic left its mark on the world, causing enormous anxiety and consequences that remain difficult to fully grasp.

Naturally, this also impacted Bonnier’s operations to greater and lesser degrees depending on the company. For example, our employees, customers, users and companies were all affected by lockdowns and appeals to work from home.

Read more about hos we summarize the year 2020 in our Annual Review and Annual Report below.

Ensuring human health always comes first. Without individual fortitude, businesses would come to a standstill. But paradoxically, 2020 also accelerated necessary changes and adjustments.

Our services and products have been able to help people manage the circumstances. Demand for journalism and stories to read is strong. The digital business models are working. Our property portfolio is stable and long-term, with hundred-year-old buildings forming the basis of agile new operations.

New questions are emerging in the wake of the transition, and we are ready to do what Bonnier has always done – combine innovation with solid expertise to contribute to a better society. Through journalism, stories, knowledge and entertainment, we want to make the societies in which we operate more open, interesting and fun, and better informed.

After great uncertainty, when we sum up this unusual year, the results have exceeded our expectations.

EBITA of SEK 1.4 billion is an improvement of SEK 1.0 billion from the previous year for comparable units.

Bonnier News, Bonnier Books and Bonnier Fastigheter have contributed significantly to the profit. It is also worth highlighting that Adlibris turned a loss into a profit during the year, with a strong finish.
SF Studios delivered a good result given the circumstances.
Bonnier Publications continues to have a good margin, but less advertising revenue lowers earnings.

Our central costs have been further reduced as part of the 2018 plan for structural change.

A strong financial result for 2020 gives us the conditions to shape a better future& to the best of our ability.