Bonnier Changes Governance Structure: Business Areas to Become Independent Companies

Bonnier’s Swedish Magazines in Merger

Bonnier Magazines & Brands and Bonnier News Lifestyle to form Sweden’s leading player within lifestyle media.

Bonnier has made a decision to form Sweden’s biggest magazine business by merging its two Swedish magazine operations: Bonnier Magazines & Brands and Bonnier News Lifestyle will become one unit at the end of the year. Plans are for the two businesses to combine into one organization that will be a part of Bonnier News.

Lars Dahmén, CEO for Bonnier Magazines & Brands says:

“Magazines & Brands’ premium content, strong brands and close relationships with target audiences, together with the reach and digital power within News, give us solid strength forward. As a part of News, we get a digital toolbox that no other Nordic player comes even close to. With this merger, we are in the best possible position to accelerate the development of both our current as well as new digital products, while we continue to foster our premium products such as Sköna Hem (house beautiful), Privata Affärer (personal finances), M Magasin and Lantliv (country living), which continue to be strong and profitable in print.”

Work on the merger will start immediately and will be led by Lars Dahmén. The new strong business will be in place by the beginning of 2019 and will be run as an independent unit within Bonnier News, led by Anna-Clara Welander, currently head of Bonnier News Lifestyle. Welander reports to Anders Eriksson, CEO for Bonnier News.

Anna-Clara Welander, head of Bonnier News Lifestyle, says:

“With a greater reach and customer base, we can more quickly scale up our operations, regardless of whether its digital services or the subscription business in print. Even if the products have different positions, we see clearly that the businesses complement each other.  Lifestyle is a digital leader with strong single-copy sales, Magazines & Brands has strong brands and a large subscription business.”

Anders Eriksson, CEO for Bonnier News, says:

“To develop and grow within consumer verticals such as lifestyle media is an important part of Bonnier News’ strategy. This aim is significantly enhanced by the addition to our business of Magazines & Brands, with its strong brands, products and content. The combination of Bonnier News Lifestyle and the digital reach of Expressen, as well as the possibility of developing business and products together with Dagens Nyheter, Dagens industri and HD-Sydsvenskan, provides an excellent base for the future.”

Note: This text is a translation of the Swedish original. In case of any discrepancies between the Swedish text and the English translation, the Swedish text supersedes the translation.