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Norwegian book publisher Cappelen Damm and Swedish book-streaming service have joined together to launch The streaming service will offer both audiobooks and e-books in one subscription. The new service already offers over a thousand audiobooks from several Norwegian book publishers. In August, the service will start offering e-books as well, giving subscribers access to some 20,000 audiobooks and e-books. 

For a monthly subscription, users get unlimited access to e-books and audiobooks in Norwegian, Swedish and English. Subscribers can listen directly from their mobile phones, tablets or computers via streaming – or offline. 

“Cappelen Damm’s alliance with Swedish Storytel is a digital milestone,” say Øisten Wahl, publishing director for e-commerce and digital products at Cappelen Damm. “Together we have established Storytel Norway AS, with the two companies owning 50 percent each. At Cappelen Damm, we believe this is a huge step forward for our digital strategy. We are confident that this service will promote literature in a new way for the future. The technology behind it is absolutely world class and you can switch between listening and reading the same book.

“In Sweden, already has 100,000 readers using the service and it is growing rapidly. And readers have proven to be very satisfied with the technology and the customer service. We believe that this new streaming service for Norway, like similar services in music and film, will be invaluable to the spread of Norwegian literature in digital formats.”