Something For Everyone: Online Courses With Brillbee

Something For Everyone: Online Courses With Brillbee

New start-up Brillbee builds on Bonnier’s content and expertise in non-fiction. Lina Wijk, product manager for Brillbee, explains what it’s all about.

What is Brillbee?

Brillbee is a digital platform for online tutorials in all areas of life, built with the user and private consumption in mind. We know that today people are looking for knowledge online and want to learn new things or solve problems, but time is precious and to be able to watch a tutorial online means you actually can manage it. We’re offering tutorials and classes from some of the top experts in every subject. To begin with, we’re offering a wine-tasting class with Håkan Larsson of Allt om Vin (everything about wine) magazine, Bonnier Tidskrifter’s Frida Boisen on how to succeed in social media, to name just two.

Our ambition is to offer at least 20 classes before the end of 2017. By the end of 2018, we aim to have over 60 classes.

We launched with a restricted beta version in late March, with a number of users on the site who provide feedback on improvements before the public launch on May 2. We want to develop together with users, there’s a lot we don’t know yet – so to be able to create Sweden’s No. 1 digital course platform, we need to be good listeners and flexible. It’s incredibly exciting and the response we’ve gotten so far was what we’ve hoped for! If our model works, it will be interesting to see if we can export it even outside Sweden. To start with, we will be selling the classes, and eventually we will decide whether it makes sense to have a subscription model once we have more courses available on the platform. Right now, we’re starting with a team of 4-6 people who will both produce the courses and build the platform, but depending on the focus of product development, that number could change!


Why is a book publisher offering digital classes?

Bonnier has published fantastic non-fiction content for 180 years and as a book publishing group, we need to grow and develop with the times, finding new formats that complement our core business. Fiction storytelling has in many ways found its digital format in the form of audiobooks and e-books, but we haven’t really found the digital format for illustrated non-fiction. At the same time this has been a challenge for Bonnierförlagen, we see huge potential in online courses. So Brillbee creates the possibility to refine and distribute already existing non-fiction content in more channels, while we can also create completely new content. We believe this is attractive to both our creators and consumers.


What is the difference between existing courses?

We’re focusing on private consumers and offer mostly courses that offer personal development or give that extra something to the every day. We don’t provide certified competence development for corporations and their employees, for example, rather we provide knowledge and inspiration from top experts in the private sphere.