Stable Earnings for Bonnier

Revenues increased by 6 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year, to SEK 22,635 million. The EBITA amounted to SEK 1,519 million.

EBITA in 2022 was one of the best in the group’s history, but still SEK 461 million lower than the record year of 2021. The decline was largely due to rising paper prices.

  • Bonnier News and Bonnier Books showed growth in 2022, as did BookBeat.
  • Bonnier Fastigheter reported stable earnings with revenues and net operating income at the same level as the previous year.
  • SF Studios increased revenues, but due to impairment losses experienced a decrease in profit.
  • Changes in value of investment activities, listed and unlisted assets, amounted to SEK -2,392 million after having increased sharply in recent previous years.
  • The group’s net cash at the end of the year amounted to SEK 4.8 billion, minus leasing debt and excluding Bonnier Fastigheter.

“We can be quite satisfied with the financial results for 2022,” says Erik Haegerstrand, CEO of Bonnier Group. “The financial results for 2022 exemplified the advantage and security of having diversified operations, which reported relatively stable earnings overall. But our growth and earnings must continue to develop.

“The overall picture for 2022, as well as for the start of 2023, means we are optimistic about the upcoming year, both in terms of the core business and investments in existing areas. With our strong cash position, there are also many exciting opportunities for new investments and acquisitions.”

Our companies

Bonnier News performed strongly in 2022 with an EBITA margin above 9 percent despite an uncertain market situation. Bonnier Publications was integrated into Bonnier News during the year.

Bonnier Books maintained its high revenue levels from 2021, but margins were squeezed by, among other things, rising paper prices. BookBeat increased the number of paying users and passed 700,000 customers.

Adlibris’ revenues and profit decreased compared to the previous year, which had been a record year for e-commerce. Some book sales in 2022 returned to physical stores.

SF Studios produced the English-language film A Man Called Otto for Sony Pictures with a world premiere in December. In the Nordic domestic markets, it became clear that moviegoers have not yet returned to theaters following the pandemic, with resulting earnings negatively impacted by large write-downs of film rights and projects.

Bonnier Fastigheter increased revenues slightly and invested in new properties both directly and through associated companies. Among other investments was the acquisition of 50 percent of Trecore, which manages a property portfolio with mainly ICA grocery stores as tenants. Higher interest rates and increased net debt led to greater interest costs, which affected the financial results.

The investment operations had total investments worth SEK 3 billion.

Net Sales, MSEK20222021
Bonnier News9,3208,198
Bonnier Publications*1,010
Bonnier Books7,4166,919
SF Studios2,5471,619
Bonnier Corp310331
Bonnier Fastigheter704675
Bonnier Group22,63521,393
EBITA, MSEK20222021
Bonnier News884988
Bonnier Publications*120
Bonnier Books385573
SF Studios-75-54
Bonnier Corp-1912
Bonnier Fastigheter544435
Other /elim.-213-167
Bonnier Group1,5191,979

*Bonnier Publications merged with Bonnier News as of January 1, 2022.

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