Women in Tech Stockholm 2018

Women in Tech 2018: Engaging, Inspiring, Energizing

Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, Folketshus in Stockholm was filled with 1,500 women – and a few men – gathered for inspiration and networking at Women in Tech Stockholm.

The event, which aims to inspire women to choose careers in media and technology is free for those attending, and has 10 founding partners along with Bonnier in a unique cooperation among some of Sweden’s biggest companies in tech, media and other industries.

“All the tickets were taken only 120 seconds after we released them in February, which tells you how great the interest is, and it grows every year,” says Elin Eriksson, who has main responsibility for the event from Bonnier. “Looking out in the room at all the participants, you see how important this is for those there. The collection of skills and engagement in the room is mindblowing!”

This year, the event was extended from being a half day to a full day. The 42 speakers included keynote Joy Buolamwini of MIT Media Lab, Anna Wikland the Country Director for Google Sweden, Politician Annie Lööf, head of the Center Party, as well as from Bonnier, Anki Ahrnell, CDO, Bonnier AB; Ulrika Saxon, head of Bonnier Ventures; and Elina Berglund, founder and CTO of fertility app Natural Cycles.

“The basic question of fair career conditions is important not just as a principle, but it’s also a critical success factor for us as a company,” says Tomas Franzén, CEO for Bonnier AB. “We can’t afford to lose our talent. What’s been clear from research is that this group of potential future employees will choose not to work for companies that fail to have active and true commitment to issues concerning gender equality and diversity. I don’t think it’s harder or easier to achieve gender balance in our industry than it is for other industries. But we should take a hard look at ourselves and keep in mind that we have work to do on this.”