Reorganization for Bonnier Broadcasting

A central organization built around content and technology – and an increased focus on the pay TV business. Those are the main features of the new organization that Bonnier Broadcasting is now announcing. A range of functions within TV4 and C More will be coordinated within a new parent company that supports the two business units commercial TV (TV4) and pay TV (C More).

“We’re harnessing the potential of all of Bonnier Broadcasting now,” says Casten Almqvist, CEO for TV4 and the new parent company.

Under the leadership of Casten Almqvist, Bonnier Broadcasting will become a parent company for the entire business area. Also, the business management will be streamlined for two of the business units – commercial TV (TV4) and pay TV (C More). Mathias Berg will take on the role of Chief Operating Officer for TV4 and Manfred Aronsson will continue as CEO for C More.

”This is a concentrated effort that puts content, technology and user experience in central focus for all we do,” says Almqvist. “To continue to increase our pace of development, to be flexible while taking advantage of our common strengths will be key now and in the future. We’re also putting even more emphasis on the importance of the pay TV business, which via C More’s subscription video-on-demand service (SVOD) will grow substantially in the coming years.”

Approximately 300 people from TV4 and C More will move to the new parent company, which will also be strengthened with new roles and functions.

The drama and acquisition departments of TV4 and C More were already combined previously. Now, TV4’s and C More’s sports production departments will be combined into a common and enlarged sports hub. First-rate creativity and journalistic excellence will build Sweden’s top sports desk. Together with the rest of the content department, technology and product development and a number of executive management positions – within finance, talent, legal, strategy and parts of communications and marketing – will become part of the new parent company. The task will be to strengthen all channels, services and products within the business area by supporting the pay TV and commercial TV business units.

Casten Almqvist, who will continue as CEO for TV4, is building a new central business area executive team with representatives from business units as well as common functions. Along with Mathias Berg and Manfred Aronsson, the team will include Content Director Åsa Sjöberg, new Chief Technology Officer Henri Caddeo, Chief Financial Officer Eva-Lotta Malmfält, Communications and HR Director Åsa Jamal, new Director of Strategy Philip Lindqvist, General Counsel Ulrika Jensen and MTV’s CEO Jarkko Nordlund in Finland.

Union negotiations began a week ago, and changes made according to the final agreement will be effective as of Sept. 1. The business area Broadcasting also includes Nyhetsbolaget, which as supplier to TV4 as well as others, will continue to maintain operational independence. Bonnier Broadcasting also includes MTV, Finland’s No. 1 commercial TV network and production company MediaHub, which are undertaking similar restructuring, which will be presented in detail later in the spring.