Size Hero a Tough VeckoRevyn Campaign

Swedish women’s magazine VeckoRevyn is taking a position on an issue that the editorial team is passionate about: how women are portrayed in the media. With the campaign Size Hero, Editor-in-Chief Louise Bratt together with her team hope to put pressure on the fashion industry and media.

“It was time that someone did something about how miserable things look in the fashion and advertising industries. There is only one ideal of beauty and it’s thin. Unfortunately, mostly it’s very thin, or to be honest: anorexic, sick,” says Bratt.

“We know that girls and women of all ages are affected negatively and it’s time to stop shrugging our shoulders and laying the blame on ‘fashion,'” Bratt says. “We in the magazine industry can do a lot. Fashion and beauty are and should be fun and pleasurable.”

What is VeckoRevyn doing practically speaking? “We’re working on several levels,” Bratt says. “We have started our own modeling agency to find models that more variable in size than those the established agencies represent. We’ll then use the models for our own fashion jobs and for different photo assignments.

“The theme “Size Hero” will be found regularly in every issue of the magazine, where we feature fashion and beauty ideals in a range of different ways, everything from reporting on beauty contests for children to more clearcut feature stories on eating disorders.”

An important part of the campaign, says Bratt, is that VeckoRevyn wants to spark debate and put pressure on the different media, fashion and advertising industries. “And of course we are putting immense pressure on ourselves, we have a lot to live up to!” she says.