World Press Freedom Day

Today, we celebrate World Press Freedom Day. For Bonnier, freedom of speech is a core value, of which a free press is key: “Our commitment to freedom of speech means a strong belief in a pluralistic media landscape… [and] Relentless support for journalists and individuals who fight for freedom of speech throughout the world.”

The news organizations of many of Bonnier’s companies are marking the day in print, on websites and in social media. Here are a few of the ways:

Read an op-ed on the importance of net neutrality to a free press published widely in Sweden today, signed by Sweden’s top media executives, including from Bonnier, TV4’s Casten Almqvist, Expressen’s Tomas Mattsson and Sydsvenskan’s Pia Rehnqvist (in Swedish).

Read author and journalist Tomas Lappalainen’s opinion piece on free speech and press in Dagens Nyheter (in Swedish).

Read the latest blog posts of Expressen’s Editor-in-Chief Thomas Mattsson, on freedom of the press and the 250th anniversary of Sweden’s free press decree (in Swedish).