About Us.

Our vision is to continuously reinvent media.

Bonnier is a culturally progressive, humanistic company with a belief in the power of the individual and freedom of speech. This forms the basis for our future media development, as we face the paradigm shift from an analog to a digital world.

The company combines a true fascination for media products with a keen business mindset, promoting high-quality media products while collaborating closely with authors, journalists and publishers.

When Gerhard Bonnier put out his first book and opened a small book store in 1804 in Copenhagen, he couldn't have realized 200 years later it would have developed into an international media conglomerate, working in all media channels in companies and brands across 15 countries.

Bonnier AB is wholly owned by the Bonnier family.

Who we are.

We are opinionated, curious, entrepreneurial, skillful and colorful.

Business Idea, Vision and Values.

We create, select and refine a world of knowledge and stories to continuously reinvent media. We’re passionate about media and freedom of speech.

Board & Management.

Bonnier is run by an executive management team of 9 and governed by a 10-member board of directors. We plan for the long-term.

Companies & Brands

With some 350 companies & brands in 15 countries there's a lot to discover about Bonnier.


From a small book store in Copenhagen in 1804, Bonnier has become today's international media giant.


Bonnier is a multi-channel media group with companies and brands across 15 countries. Bonnier AB is wholly owned by the Bonnier family.