Live News on the Web

This fall, TV4 will be increasing its live news coverage in on-deman service TV4 Play and tv4.se in Sweden. The initiative means the network will be ordering increased news from Nyhetsbolaget. Daily newspaper Expressen will also serve as a supplier for live broadcast news. The change is being made in conjunction with the discontinuation of the 24-hour news channel TV4 News.

“We have a strong news tradition to maintain, with a 10 p.m. spot that’s grown for the third year in a row and a morning news program that regularly takes market share from competitor SVT,” says Viveka Hansson, program director at TV4. “At the same time, we’re seeing an increase in mobile viewing and so we want to offer our viewers live news coverage from TV4 outside of scheduled broadcasts.”

The increase in digital programming means TV4 will be getting more material from supplier Nyhetsbolaget. And with the cooperation with Expressen, TV4 will be able to complement this with live coverage from Expressen TV.

“Viewers should always know that there’s relevant content on our digital channels,” says Hansson. “Even in the middle of the night, seconds after something has happened. Evening papers are particularly quick on their feet and it’s exciting to test and see how TV4, Nyhetsbolaget and Expressen can complement one another.”

Simultaneous with the increase in news available digitally this fall, TV4 News will be shut down.

“TV4 news was a linear premium news channel with a target audience of decision makers,” says Hansson. “Now our news coverage will be more extensive and free even on platforms separate from our flagship channel TV4.”